Raggity Anns is a SHORT FILM based upon an original screenplay by Rachel Neal.

The SHORT FILM will be produced and directed by Rachel Neal/Rabran Enterprises, LLC and filmed by Kirk Davis/Zero G Productions, INC.

Raggity Anns, tells the story of three childhood friends who grow up to mimic the devastating dynamics of their parental relationships. When one woman experiences an unexpected betrayal, the family history of murder resurfaces as the only retribution.

The incredible cast of the Raggity Anns SHORT FILM includes: 

Crystal Michelle has been performing for the last seven years. Her resume includes six stage plays, with her most dynamic performance being that of the character “Minnie” in the stage play “Flyin' West,” written by Pearl Cleage. She studied theatre in college and as you can see by her portrayal of Fran in the short teaser, she is poised to become one of the most provocative dramatic actresses of her generation.

Samuel James has been a successful actor for many years and is a regular on television programs such as Discovery's FBI Files, New Detectives and National Geographic's Interpol Investigates. He is in high demand as a model and has appeared in such magazines as Essence and Ebony and has been the commercial face for many well known corporations, including Comcast / Xfinity. Sam is also an inventor of the highly sought after “Tstone Razor Bump Master” and a gifted musician. He is looking forward to his role as Kirk, a role that will allow him to delve into a “darker” side of acting.

Once said to be graced with the beauty and talent of Diana Ross, Letha Taylor is a force to be reckoned with. From her role as an actor / dancer in the famed movie Stomping at the Savoy to her many appearances in movies such as Sleeping with the Enemy and Betsy’s Wedding, she has built a vast entertainment resume. Letha has also been featured in several commercials for major corporations including Seimens and Food Lion and has modeled in numerous fashion shows and on the runway. Letha continues to study the craft of acting and can’t wait to delve into the complex and challenging role of Destiny.

Michelle Smith is a native New Yorker who has studied acting at the famed Alliance Theatre and the Actor’s Breakthrough Studio in Atlanta. She worked as a comedic actress in the hit stage play “The Mike Bend Show” and has played supporting roles in several movies and short films, including The Little Things and The Wedding Wrecker. Blessed with beauty, street-smarts, and undeniable talent, Michelle is poised to take the acting world by storm. She is excited to play the diverse role of Zola as it will allow her to hone her dramatic acting skills.

The SHORT FILM will be refreshing, intelligent, suspenseful, shocking and a cinematic experience craved by the targeted audience. The skills of a talented writer, producer, and director, and the innovative techniques of an award-winning videographer, great actors, and a host of other crew members will bring this film to life.

Our goal was to generate funds for production, distribution, and marketing to include talent, wardrobe, hair and make-up, production personnel, location expenses, field equipment, raw stock, labs, sound, music, photography, graphics, editing, contest entry fees, etc. 

With the excess funds, we will pay for any short film overages and begin the production for “Raggity Anns - The Movie.” We intend to work with contributors from Kickstarter in hopes of receiving the finances necessary to complete the movie.

The rewards that we will forward to the backers are only a small token of appreciation for their belief in the project and faith that we will put forth our best efforts to provide audiences with a worthy and stimulating piece of work. We will continue to communicate with all the donors and can’t wait to meet those of you who will celebrate with us here in Atlanta at the premier and celebration!

We will begin filming during the second week of November 2014 and we are scheduled to complete filming early March 2015. We will keep you informed regarding any changes related to the shooting schedule.

We thank you in advance for your unwavering support!